Lezzie Town


St. Mackenzie's Classics! - Hockey Havoc!
Welcome to St. Mackenzie's.  The most unruly institute of learning in England!
Students getting into mischief that the St. Trinian's Girls would be ashamed to dream of!


Miss Hayley is trying to take a hockey lesson but as usual the students are not remotely interested...


Candice is being most disruptive after being made to do PE in her underwear after forgetting her kit.



Students & Staff in Crazy Capers in the Classroom, Staff Room, Study & Dorm!
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As Miss Hayley decides it’s easiest to let the Chavs to their own devices...


Candice & Cat disappear off into the bushes & dare each other to strip naked!


Its the New Term & that Notorious Institute of Learning has thrown its Doors Open!
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All models were at least 18 years old when photographed.
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